Good Afternoon To All Our Business Partners

We can not believe that we already in the 4th month of 2017, the first 3 months flown past.

The year kicked off on a high and we are very positive although we feel the external pressures of the country in a whole.

It is important to stay positive in times like this. We need to keep our family, friends, staff and business partners positive, we believe that positive thinking can and will create a positive future for all of us.

Champ Marketing & Events are proud to announce that we are now the Management Owners of The Pines Wedding & Conference Village on the corner of HJ van Eck and Allen Street. The venue boasts conference and wedding facilities for the public and our business partners that can cater from 20 people to 500 people. All our venues together can host 1000 people at once. We have a professional chef who makes the most amazing meals and will be taking care of all the catering needs. Daniele Draping is our resident décor company, well known for his professional and beautifully decorated venues. Bennie Lubbe, now a partner in The Pines Wedding & Conference Village, will be our Operational Director. Our staff compliment is currently 20 full time staff who look after The Pines Wedding & Conference Village.

Recently we became partners in a Bed & Breakfast in Greaves Street, previously known as the old Greaves Street B & B, it has been renamed and revamped, we look forward to welcoming you all to the opening of The Executive House.

It was important for our company to ensure that we can offer a one stop business for all our clients and business partners.

We’ve appointed qualified staff at all our new ventures to ensure that we can focus on our core business Champ Marketing & Events with added benefits.

Champ Marketing & Events has been part of the community of Newcastle for the past 22 Years !

We are committed to our town and our clients.

We are the leading company when it comes to Launching Products and Organizing Events.

We have partner with a well establish company in Newcastle, Image House, to create new marketing strategies where we will be able to launch your product or services on social media channels and YouTube at very affordable cost and ensuring you reach the correct target market.

For your design needs we have established a collaborative partnership with Design Inc. A locally based design firm that specializes in the creation of brand related design and copy – writing including logo, identity, brand manifesto and packaging. With this creative input and our proven marketing experience will help you grow your brand / business to it’s full potential.

The Ad lights, Advertising Trailer and Advertising Boards are leading the way in advertising in Newcastle, any of these can be booked via Champ Marketing.

Don’t forget we offer cooperate gifts and cooperate clothing to our clients.

We are here to focus on your Marketing & Advertising needs at all times – this is what we do for a living every day.


22 years – Become Known !


Johan Pieters & Christo van der Vyver

082 923 0078 – 083 375 5883

Important Dates

– 3 June Newcastle Airshow
– 9 Augsut Blood Buddy Paruks Memel to Newcastle Walk

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