If there is an event in Newcastle, then you will most probably find the Champ Marketing TEAM being involved,

either they have organized the event or they where contracted to do something at the event.

They have been involved with the following events:

  • Vodacom Winter Festival
  • Memel to Newcastle Walk
  • Round Table Melodrama
  • Wimpy / Engen Waterside Celebrations’
  • Michael Naicker in Newcastle Micha
  • Juanita Du Plessis in Newcastle
  • Sharks Rugby Team Golf Day
  • Newcastle’s of the World Summit
  • Proudly Newcastle
  • Vodacom Clean Up : Fountain Event
  • Newcastle u/12 Rugby Week
  • Chelmsford 1000m Swim Challenge
  • Telkom National Swim Challenge
  • Waterside Wheelers 60 km bike race
  • Newcastle Sicilians Football Team
  • ABI Team Awards

If you would like to organize an event then CHAMP Marketing is the company to contact.

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